Caroline Gonzalez

Caroline Gonzalez


THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT IN a San Francisco native, I am painfully aware of the homeless and hungry throughout our beautiful city. Together we can raise critical funds needed to provide meals to many.

$2.00 = 1 meal

Thanks again for your continued support in 2014


Every day, thousands of people in the Bay Area are battling serious, life-threatening illnesses. And every day, Project Open Hand is there for them.  Project Open Hand believes that no one who is sick or elderly should go without nutritious meals with love.  We prepare 2,500 nutritious meals and provide 400 bags of healthy groceries on a daily basis to help sustain our clients as they battle serious illnesses, isolation, or the health challenges of old age.

At Project Open Hand, the goal is to feed the body, mind, and soul, through healthy food prepared and delivered with love.  For more information, visit

Project Open Hand depends on Giant Race participants to make our mission a reality.  Become a Giant Race Fundraiser and make a giant difference in our community!


Watch this video to learn more about Project Open Hand.

Donor Roll

Angie M. $10.00
Cara F. $25.00
carl l. $50.00
Erica Lynn B. $25.00
Jamie H. $25.00
Phyllis J. $25.00
Magdalena S. $15.00
Lorna N. $25.00
Steven H. $40.00
Mabel L. $30.00
Fred E. $50.00
Armando L. $50.00
Henry O. $20.00
ursula s. $100.00
Sherree M. $50.00
Michael T. $25.00
Kathleen B. $12.00
ruth g. $50.00
macrina h. $10.00
Rita C. $20.00
Cindy K. $10.00
Maylene M. $25.00
Tanya C. $25.00
Tena G. $25.00
Colette R. $50.00
Arlene R. $20.00
Dexter P. $15.00
Malu T. $30.00
Theresa B. $25.00
Jeunesse R. $50.00
shirley c. $25.00
Ofelia G. $100.00
Primo G. $20.00
Mary F. $20.00
Manuel I. $20.00
marlene s. $50.00
Douglas C. $25.00
Blyth G. $20.00
Mike R. $20.00
Ines M. $25.00
Alexander F. $25.00
Albert A. $100.00
Angelique d. $20.00
ALFREDA M. $10.00
Lalaine H. $25.00
Charles Q. $40.00
yen n. $50.00
Sherree M. $5.00
Macrina H. $10.00
juan d. $25.00
Carla B. $10.00
Paige P. $25.00
Ileana d. $50.00
caroline g. $100.00
Dora L. $20.00
Tomasa M. $30.00

Fundraiser Goal

Currently Raised