Course Rules & Regulations - San Francisco

Rule #1:  Please try to have fun at some point during the race! The Giant Race is here for fun and health, so don't let us down.

Rule #2:  We do not recommend usage of any audio equipment during the race on any of the courses (it just ain't safe). However, if you feel the need to move and groove, do so at your risk.

Rule #3:  We ask all participants keep their heads on a swivel and to pay to attention to all course markings and monitors.

Rule #4:  We politely request that any participants walking stay to the right of the course, and any participants running stay to the left of the course. We're looking to you to minimize collisions.

Strollers are allowed on the 5K course ONLY. All strollers will be required to start at the back of the pack (regardless of how fast you can push little Johnny). We love Super Moms, but not in the middle of a crowded 5kParticipants are not allowed to bring the following: roller skates, skateboards, parade floats, hula hoops, or motorized vehicles.

Course Time Limit: Due to the high volume of summer events in the city of San Francisco, we have to be a little more strict about our course time limits so that residents and businesses aren't too heavily impacted. While we encourage walkers, we may have to ask that if your pace is slower than 15 minutes per mile you use the sidewalk when we have to close the course and re-open the streets. You will still be allowed to finish on the field and collect your runner goodies. 


Lastly, this is not the Bay to Breakers, so please keep your clothes on. But do have some fun with your wardrobe...Giants jerseys, orange and black running attire, and SF caps are highly encouraged!