Finisher Food Spotlight: Emerald Nuts


Those tasty crunchy nuts that you'll be munching on at the finish? Well, you can thank Emerald Nuts for that. There are nearly enough 100-calorie pack varieties to field a baseball team, for Buster's sake!
Not all nuts are created equal. Emerald finds high-quality nuts, then flavors them delicately and thoughtfully. So whether you want a great-tasting snack or a treat you’re proud to serve your guests, you can count on Emerald.  In addition to quality nuts and unique flavors, Emerald offers a variety of package sizes to meet your needs. You will find Emerald sold in unique, resealable green canisters, 100 calorie packs, and on the go! packs. Emerald’s 100 Calorie Packs are the perfect and convenient snack to satisfy your cravings on the go. Try all 8 flavors from the 100 Calorie Packs line today!