Fundraising FAQ


What’s the easiest, most effective way to fundraise for Project Open Hand?

We’re glad you asked! Asking is the most effective way to fundraise – if you don’t ask, no one can support you. It also helps to update your personal profile with a picture and some personal information; people want to know why you’re fundraising. For tons of useful information, download either the Individual or Team Captain fundraising kit, and sign up here to receive emails from Project Open Hand chock full of creative fundraising ideas and prize opportunities.


Where can I find more information fundraising and training?
Make sure you check out the fundraising kits we made for you, as well as the Project Open Hand blog for all you runners and fundraisers. It's full of ideas for training and fundraising, and there's a healthy dose of game and whatnot on there too.

How can I change my personal fundraising goal?

Log in to your account and click ‘My Fundraising Campaigns’ under the ‘Fundraising’ tab on the left side of the screen. On the ride side of the screen, click the ‘Update Your Profile’ link, and update your goal from there.

I already registered. Can I still join or create a team?

Absolutely! Log in to your account, click ‘My Fundraising Campaigns’ under the ‘Fundraising’ tab on the left side of the screen, and click either the ‘Join a Team’ or the ‘Create a Team’ button on the bottom of the page.

How do I get a friend to join my team?

You have two easy options. If your friend is already registered for the Giant Race, just send them your Team Fundraising Link, which you can find on your ‘My Fundraising Campaigns’ page.

If your friend hasn’t registered yet, s/he will have the chance to join a team during the initial registration process. Just make sure they know your team name so they can search for you!

What are the benefits of joining a team?

1.       Fun! It’s a lot easier to throw a fundraising party or get out of bed for an early Saturday jog if you’ve got friends to do it with.

2.       Team-specific swag! Every fundraiser will earn prizes and incentives based on their individual fundraising levels, but groups get to experience the glory of Team Week – five straight days of team-only prizes and challenges, plus some other fun stuff we’re throwing in along the way. There’s also the mysterious (but fabulous) prize experience we plan to give to the top fundraising team. More details on that later.


How can I donate to a team?

We don’t have the functionality allowing a donor to give to an entire team at the moment. In order to contribute to a team, you must donate to one (or all!) of that team’s members.