Kids Race/Family Relay - San Francisco



The 2016 FedEx Kids Race & Family Relay will take place on the field at AT&T Park on SATURDAY, September 10th, during expo day. Start Time = 12:00pm. Please note that each group of kids starts in waves, so your start time could be anywhere between 12:00pm and 1:15pm.


  • Kids Race
    • Course: entirely within AT&T Park on the field, and finishes in the same spot as the adults.
    • Three Age Divisions: (4-6 = 1 Giant lap, 7-9 = 2 Giant laps, 10-12 = 3 Giant laps).
    • Goodies: all runners receive a bib, medal, and a bobblehead!
    • All parents/family/friends will be required to stay in the stands. Repeat: no parents allowed on the field. In other words, your child must be able participate on his/her own. Now that this is clear, DON’T WORRY, we’ll have plenty of smiling helpers to ensure all kids are safely and efficiently returned to their parents in the staging area.
    • Price: $30 per child.


  • Family Relay
    • Course: 2 laps around the field at AT&T Park.
    • Rules: Only four relay members will be allowed on the field (any remaining family members must remain in the stands). Teams require 2 adults 21 or over, and 2 children 12 or younger. Each lap must consist of one adult and one child.
    • Goodies: all runners receive a bib, medal, and a bobblehead.
    • Price: $100 per family of four.