River Cat 10K Relay Details


It's a 2 person relay, and both of you will finish on the field. At 8am, Runner 1 starts and runs the 5k, while Runner 2 stays behind at the start line (in our designated transition area). About 15-45 minutes later, Runner 1 will hand off to Runner 2 your timing strap (that you'll get along with your bibs), who is waiting in the transition area. Runner 2 will then start and run his/her 5k lap while (AND THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART) Runner 1 continues through the transition area, and follows the 5k instructions above to their field finish. From there, Runner 1 will wait for Runner 2 to cross the finish line of his/her 5k lap, where you'll be reunited with a sweaty hug. Got it? We'll explain this again at packet pickup and the start line, don't worry.