Race Day Info



7:00AM - Start Line Staging Area Opens
7:30 AM. - Start line Festivities Begin (dance, stretch, chant “Go Giants”, get psyched, etc)
8:00AM – Start Running (5k/10k/Relay Wave Starts TBD)
9:00AM(ish) – Stop Running
9:01AM – Finish Line Festival



All events start at 8:00am sharp. Course maps will be released soon. 


Pretty simple. Put one foot in front of the other until you see the start line again. Once you do, it's all Zoolander-style from there; stay to the left, make a left, and then take one last left into the back entrance to Raley Field and the finish line on the warning track. 


This one requires a bit more intellect, but just a bit. Put one foot in front of the other until you see the start line again. Once you do, stay to the right, take a right, and do the exact same thing you just did (i.e. another 5k lap). When you see the start line again a second time, follow our 5k/Zoolander instructions above, and make sure to give us your best Blue Steel as your cross that finish line. 


OK, now is where you need to pay attention. It's a 2 person relay, and both of you will finish on the field. At 8am, Runner 1 starts and runs the 5k, while Runner 2 stays behind at the start line (in our designated transition area). About 15-45 minutes later, Runner 1 will hand off to Runner 2 your timing wristband (that you'll get along with your bibs), who is waiting in the transition area. Runner 2 will then start and run his/her 5k lap while (AND THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART) Runner 1 continues through the transition area, and follows the 5k instructions above to their field finish. From there, Runner 1 will wait for Runner 2 to cross the finish line of his/her 5k lap, where you'll be reunited with a sweaty hug. Got it? We'll explain this again at packet pickup and the start line, don't worry. 


Old school. Meaning there are none. If you're fast, come to the front. If you're just out there for a stroll, it'd be a good idea to let the dude in the short shorts start in front of you.



The Finish Line is on the warning track in left field. We ask that after you finish, pause to soak up the experience of being on the field, grab your medal and some water, and then promptly head into the stands to meet your family and friends (and dance). 



Spectators will be allowed inside Raley Field to watch the finish. Friends and family must remain in the stands. No ticket required. 



Now that we are squarely in the cross hairs of El Niño, we can assure you we will have water along the route. You won’t even have to dive into the Sacramento River to hydrate! We'll post exact Water Station locations shortly.