Race Day Info - Scottsdale


10K Race Start Time: 7:00am
3 Mile Race Start Time: 7:15am



The Scottsdale Giant Race will NOT start in waves. Trying to keep it casual here, guys. Still, we have a very simple request when it comes to the start procedure. If you're a speedster looking to win, start near the front. If you're just looking for a spring training jog, hang back. So long as you finish within an 18 minute per mile pace, you'll finish on the field. Speaking of that finish...


We think you all agree that the dirt and grass at Scottsdale Stadium (our Spring Training home) is very simply... "hallowed ground". We ask that you exit the field relatively quickly after you finish. Still, make sure to enjoy your finish, soak it up and take a deep breath, sniff the grass if you need to, but then go get some water in the shade. You'll deserve it.



Spectators will be allowed inside Scottsdale Stadium to watch the finish. Friends and family must remain in the stands. No ticket required. We'll ask all runners and spectators to exit the stadium at 11:00am. Chances are you'll be in the pool well before we ask you to leave, however. 


Seeing as how we wouldn't want to make you run through the desert without water, there will be plenty of aid stations on both the Strike 3 Mile course and the 10K course. Squirt guns are BYO. 


There is no trophy for Spring Training, and therefore no awards for The Scottsdale Giant Race. But, we'll post your age-based results to our website, so you can use them as motivation for the rest of the year.