This one's for you, San Francisco. If you're into running in a banana costume, running across the Golden Gate Bridge, and finishing on the field at AT&T Park - then get yourself eligible for the San Francisco Originals Run Series, back for its third year in 2015. It's a collaboration between San Francisco's most iconic running events, The Bay to Breakers, The San Francisco Marathon, and The San Francisco Giant Race*. 

For those of you with the endurance to finish all three, we'll hand you a big fat SFO Series medal at the finish line of The Giant Race.

How To Become A San Francisco Original:

1. Register for both the Bay to Breakers AND SF Marathon by Friday, May 15th. Please use the same name, email address, and birth date when registering. 

2. The first 2500 registrants will become eligible for the 2015 medal. 

3. Eligible participants will be notified by email the week after Bay to Breakers. 

4. You may run ANY DISTANCE in each of the three events to receive the medal. 

*Unfortunately, Bridge to Bridge is no longer a part of the Series. But that makes it 25% easier for you to finish!