Start/Finish Procedure - San Francisco

Start Line Procedure

Due to the growth of The Giant Race, all race distances will start in waves. During registration, we asked you how fast you expect to run. Not because we're sizing you up, but because we'll ask you to enter the starting corral based on that expected pace. We do this so that you may participate alongside other runners of your relative pace, and so all runners can experience a wide open, spacious course. More information on pace corrals will be posted as it becomes available.

Finish Line Procedure

VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR FIELD FINISH: We think you all agree that the dirt and grass at AT&T Park is very simply... "hallowed ground". We're going to let you touch and feel that ground after you finish The Giant Race. We're just as excited about this as you are, but we ask that you honor the privilege of being on the field accordingly. That means soak it up, enjoy it, do a few stretches on it if you want to, kiss it if you must, but above all else, respect it. Keep it clean, and help us allow ALL runners to enjoy it by clearing the field promptly once you've had your moment in the sun. 


Spectators will be allowed inside AT&T Park to watch the finish. Friends and family must remain in the stands. Once you've finished the race, grabbed some food in our on-field Runner Food Market, and enjoyed a few minutes on the field, please exit the field into the stands (we'll have some signs pointing you in the right direction). You'll find more fun stuff awaiting you on the concourse.