Official Pace Team - PacWest Athletics



PacWest Athletics is the OFFICIAL PACE TEAM of The Giant Race, and is offering two training options that will allow you to train with a professional coach and a group. Details regarding pacers will be announced shortly.

Since 2002, PacWest has been successfully coaching athletes through half and full marathons, triathlons, and toward overall fitness in their popular strength and conditioning Boot Camp program. Their programs are perfect for those who want the guidance of a certified coach,or prefer to train with a group. Grab a friend and register for PacWest’s 12-week training package for The Giant Race Half Marathon or 10K.

PacWest offers training regions in San Francisco and Oakland, with optional remote eCoaching for those who can’t attend weekly workouts. Your PacWest registration includes (1) weekly track workout, (1) weekly BootCamp strength & conditioning workout, and a customized 12-week training plan for beginner, intermediate and advanced runners. Additional workouts are led by team captains or other group members. eCoaching participants will receive a 12-week customized training plan only.  

For more info, please contact PacWest Athletics.

Main: (415) 409-5900