Transfer/Switch Registration

The Giant Race now allows registration transfers and switches between distances. YOU'RE WELCOME! Here are the basic details:

To Transfer Your Registration To Someone Else:
Start by clicking on the link below. Please note the transferee will need to pay a $10 fee (that basically covers the cost of our kickass web developer who created this service). Once the transfer is complete (i.e. your buddy has signed up), your registration will be canceled. If the transfer is never completed, your non-refundable registration will stay in your name as originally purchased. Whatever side deals you make with your Transfer Buddy is up to you. Just make sure to be cool and do it on the down low, please, so we don't have to get mad about it.

To Switch Your Registration To Another Distance:
Very easy, click on the link. You may upgrade to a longer distance and pay the difference in registration fee (with no additional fees). You may also downgrade to a shorter distance (but we will not refund the difference). Regardless, no switches will be allowed if the desired new distance is sold out already.