2015 Turn Two Award - Runner's Armband Phone Case


So we have no idea what to call this thing. Running band arm case? Sportband phone carrier? Runner's Armband Phone Case? GiantsRunningBand? Superbandafragilisticexpialidocious?

Whatever it is, it's a perfect complement to your SJ/SF earbuds from 2014. It holds a phone (or iPod/Zune, if you're still into that sort of thing) up to the size of an iPhone 6+, and has the San Jose Giants logo and San Francisco Giants 2014 World Champions logo on the side. 

How do you get one? Simple. Run both the San Jose Giant Race (either distance) and the San Francisco Giant Race (half, 10k, or 5k), and we'll hand you one after you finish in San Francisco.

Please make sure to register for both races with the same first/last name and birth date. You can handle that, right?